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Maddy AKA Princess

Last week my daughter, Maddy, was caught putting make up on in the bathroom at school.   Most of you are probably thinking not a huge deal except, Maddy is only 7.   In her defense, she didn’t bring the make up to school, she just couldn’t resist putting it on.   Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy with her and took away her IPad for a week.   Of course, I just couldn’t let it go at that.   I called Maddy to the living room so I could give her a lecture. Maddy was sitting on the coffee table, I was on the couch, and my husband in the recliner, the lecture begins.   I start out with how disappointed I am with her judgement and how she needs to make better choices….. etc.   As I am half way thru, I notice that my husband, who had been looking at the paper while I was talking, has suddenly put the whole paper in front of his face.   I then hear a snicker from behind the paper.   I glare over in his direction as to say, “really?….. I am having a life lecture here!”   He puts the paper d

Celebrating the Little Things

Over the past week my wife and I have been working with our two year old on potty training. In just a week we have had quite a bit of success. Occasionally, I think I learn about as much from the parenting processes as he does from whatever it is that we are working on. At the beginning of the week my wife and I sat down and decided what it would take to master the process. We agreed we needed a really cool chart to celebrate Jackson’s successes, some stickers, and the occasional prize! We came up with some ground rules, like each time he uses the “big boy potty” he gets a sticker to put on the chart. We had to start small and if we could get him on the actual toilet he got a sticker for that. Then as we started getting that down, he would get a sticker and a small prize for each successful trip to the bathroom. The first day we took him into the bathroom and had him sit for two minutes. After that he received two stickers. He was so excited to receive the two stickers.  His eyes