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Family Lake Vacation

Many of us as kids remember summer vacations with our families. Some better than others!  We made a few different stops during my childhood, Colorado to ride horses in the mountains and Sidney to the Rodeo but at some point we found the perfect spot.  My Dad liked the water and loved to fish. We grew up spending a lot of time on the Des Moines River. We ran bank lines, went jug fishing, swimming, jumping off the tire swing, and learning how to water ski. When I was a young girl, can’t remember exactly, (and yes that is a sign I am getting older) probably around 10, we started going to the Lake of the Ozarks. After a trip or two to the lake, Mom and Dad found a resort called Bass Point in Laurie, Missouri. That has been home to me for a week every summer since. I know lots of people like to travel and see different places but it must have been love because it became a trip almost every year without fail. We spent the early mornings getting out and water skiing while the water was s

Grandma Amber

I became a grandmother for the second time on April 6 th .   People that know me well, laugh when I tell them I am a grandma.   There are a number of reasons for that and every single one of them is legit J .   My granddaughter, Collyns, thinks that I am the greatest thing…… ever , and here’s why:   We play hide and seek and scream bloody murder when we find each other.   We read books…. and books…..and books (even the ones mom and dad hide).    We tell each other stories.   Some of them are true and some of them are not.    We play hot potato, play catch, put puzzles together and play the piano.   We play with the pets, Claire and Thomasville, Macy, Lucky and whatever the other one’s name is (I can never remember).   We pop popcorn almost every time she comes to my house.   We tend to the garden, grow pumpkins, go fishing and take rides on the ranger.   We DO stuff.   FUN stuff!   And make memories.   She is an absolute joy in my life and will always be my #1 even though we now ha