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This year for Christmas I received one of the best gifts I have ever received.   My fiancée, Emilee, and my parents got me a black Labrador puppy.   I was completely surprised and was not expecting to get a dog at all. About a month before Christmas I was looking on Emilee’s Pinterest account at dogs. After doing some looking I new that when I did decide to get a dog I wanted it to be a lab. Then about a week later she was texting me about dogs and asking all of these questions but I guess I didn’t think much about it since I just had been looking at them online. Emilee surprised me with him a few days before Christmas. He came from a breeder in Indiana.   He made the long trip here with his sister who went to one of my coworkers. I was expecting picking a name for him to be a hard decision, but really one came to me pretty fast. I thought my family and Emilee would have all shorts of suggestions, but they really didn’t have any.   I decided to name him Castle after the TV show Cas