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Banking Trail…

When I was in my senior year of High School, I was asked by the 2 owners of the original West Chester Savings Bank if I would be interested in a job.   I had discussions about it with my dad.   I was just engaged to my current husband and was on the fence about taking the job or going to college.   I ended up taking the job.   That job was certainly “old time banking ways”.   I learned a ton about banking.   It was just the two owner myself and a couple part timers.   This bank was then purchased by FSB holding company from Kalona.   The original owners both retired.   Suddenly nothing was normal.   Big changes came to this little bank.   We had new management and computer conversions, hours, more employees and building on and remodeling the bank.   I stayed on for another 6 years.   Then we had another management change with same ownership.   Then the ownership changed shortly after I left. I went to Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank in Lone Tree.   I was there for a year in t

Dream Jobs

When I was a little girl, I would go to Libertyville Savings Bank with my dad.   I was amazed with the process of money.    My grandpa, Rex Swan, was on the board of directors and always spoke highly of Bob Stump.    What an impression that made on me, since the two most idolized men in my life, my dad and grandpa, had the utmost respect for this bank, I was determined to work there when I got older. As I grew up, I always did my banking at Libertyville Savings Bank.   As time passed, I graduated from college and entered the work force.   At the young age of 45, I contacted Jill Burnett to discuss a position they had open.   I decided to apply and received an interview.   Jill called to offer me the job of Head Teller in Fairfield.   I started August, 2013.   It was a dream come true and I knew it would make my grandpa proud.   His picture hangs in the bank board room and I believe he watches to make sure I do a good job.   I enjoy working here and the people are great. T