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Getting out of my box in 2015

Have you ever wanted to try something new but the fear of never doing it before scares you away?   Well, I do all the time and the fear always wins.   This year I told myself that I had to try something new again.   Last year I walked my first 5k in April and then did another one in July.   So this year I said to myself, “you have to do it again, get out of your box and do something new.”    I’ve seen people on Facebook going to these Wine and Canvas events and the pictures they are painting are great.   Of course my mind says, Lisa you can’t even draw a stick person how can you paint a picture?   I kind of pushed the thought out of my mind until one night I was scoping out Facebook before I went to bed and saw that there was an upcoming event right in Fairfield for a Wine and Canvas and it was a picture of a snowman which I love.   So, I clicked the link and said, “Yep I am doing this!”   As I wait for the weeks to go by waiting for the Friday night event to come up, I am nervous

New Kid On The Block

As I am one of the new kids (61 years old) on the block with Libertyville Savings Bank, its fun to see what  opportunities are being offered to bank customers.  What comes to mind is the Libertyville Savings Bank travel club and the big trip to Alaska planned for next June.      I have been fortunate to enjoy a number of trips over the years taking the family to California, Colorado, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida and some others that I may have forgotten.  Most trips were taken by land as I am not a world traveler by air.  Taking the kids in the van to California was a pretty long ride but worth the time and effort behind the wheel once we arrived at Disneyland.  After a lot of fun with the kids in the theme parks, the California trip had a couple of not-so-fun memories that included a scam artist trying to get money from me as we were headed from the hotel parking lot (my Iowa license plate made me an easy target) and the air conditioner fan in the back of the van malfu