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Meeting "Fred"

The first day I showed up to work at LSB I was given a copy of a book called The Fred Factor and it was explained to me that all employees of the bank were to read “Fred” that quarter.   To give you an idea how much I like to read, I can tell you I hadn’t read a book for pleasure since graduating from college.   I was certainly glad I was assigned the task of reading the book though, as it was one I ended up enjoying very much.     I’ve particularly been captivated by the use of The Fred Factor at LSB and most recently by the book’s author’s speech at our annual meeting.   As Mark Sanborn the author of the book spoke at our annual meeting, I couldn’t help as my mind wandered to a real life Fred I know.   I’m sure he has never read the book, but he epitomizes Fred is every sense, and it’s been fun to watch as that spirit has helped lead him towards success. I met this fellow Iowan several years ago at the Circle of Gold Pig Sale in Oklahoma where we had both consigned hogs.   And