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It's Tax Time

It’s that time of year again.   Income tax time!   I dread it with a passion, and I ask myself why?   I have worked as an accountant in some capacity my whole life.   In fact, I enjoy working with numbers.   I even prepared tax returns for a number of years.   Why is doing my personal tax return so painful? Well, let me explain.   First of all, my husband is a farmer.   We have been in the farming business for 45 years.   You would think we would have the process perfected by now, but we always seem to have the same problem.   I take care of the books throughout the year, and try so hard to keep a record of everything we will need when it comes time for the tax appointment.   My husband has a more relaxed approach to recordkeeping.   He keeps it all in his head.   I am not saying he doesn’t have a good memory, but it is selective.   We just don’t seem to agree on what is important.   I like things exact down to the penny, and he thinks as long as it is close, the exact amount do