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Girls Weekend

I have 3 friends that I have known since kindergarten or before.   We know almost everything that there is to know about each other and our families.   There were several years between college and kids that we didn’t see each other.   About 14 years ago, we all started getting together for lunches with our kids.   As the kids got older, we had girl’s night out about once a month.   When we turned 40, we decided to start having a girl’s weekend once a year in Des Moines to have laugh therapy, retail therapy, eat anything and everything we want, and celebrate our friendship.   This year our weekend fell on Super Bowl weekend.   We all took Friday off and left early that morning.   We then made the trek to the city, laughing and poking fun at each other all of the way.   We can go for weeks without seeing each other, yet it feels like we never were apart.   Usually, one of us does something early on our weekend together that generally haunts the unlucky one for the whole trip.   It n