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Walk Like a Duck

There is a saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, author is unknown.   I am not a dog, and   I wouldn’t consider myself old, but to a teenager I’m sure I would be considered older than dirt. In a previous blog I talked about change and how we had went through several changes at the bank with our computer software. Well along with those changes were a lot of learning opportunities.    It seemed that every day we could find something else to learn. Now, eight months later,   those   opportunities have slowed down some but we are still trying to utilize all the bells and whistles this computer software   has to offer. In addition to learning all about this new software, we need to take the time to talk to our customers and realize that we can learn from them as well.      This winter has been one that will probably enter the record books, with low temps and considerable snowfall.    We got to talking to our UPS driver about his   routes and difficulties he has had with t

Waxing Nostalgic

We’ve hired some great young people here at LSB over the past few months. Every time a new recruit walks through the door for the first time I harken back to my first day as a banker. That’s been almost 20 years ago now and wow, have there been a lot of changes! Most of those changes have been for the better. The first operating loan I ever made was at the annual rate of 10.00%. Today our operating rates are half of that. When I first started, I typed up all of my loan documents, correspondence etc. on a typewriter. Since I can’t type, they weren’t always what you’d call professional looking. Today, I write up all of my loan documents on a computer and they print off all crisp and clean with not a trace of white out on them! One of my first jobs was sorting checks by hand to familiarize myself with our customers. All of those checks were then bundled up once a month and mailed out in big bulky envelopes to eventually line the bottoms of closets everywhere. Today you get a great