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The Things Your Children Will Say

  I have three lovely, healthy children who mean the world to me. I have often wondered when someone asks them about their mother, what do they say? How do they put into words a description of their incredible mother?   Well let me tell you, just when you think they are old enough to have some discretion, they fool you. About a year ago, I had returned to work from a wonderful four month sabbatical. My 16 year old daughter at that time was in a psychology class her junior year in high school. If we are lucky, our family sits down a few times per week for supper together. At the dinner table this night of enlightenment, I asked the standard question. How was school today? Did anything exciting happen?   My daughter proceeds to start visiting about her psychology class and that they are studying midlife crisis. She says the teacher asked the class if any of them knew of an individual that had experienced a midlife crisis, and of course Sydney raises her hand to answer the

Boondocks Drive

Occasionally, my job takes me outside the bank and off the beaten path. I don’t mean just a little way off the path, I mean way off. Back to the boondocks, to the back forty, it’s not the end of the earth but you can see it from here. However you choose to describe that place, getting there is always the best part of the trip. I love those outings! Earlier this year, I traveled to a farm to look at a set of cows a customer was interested in buying. I knew the general area but when I asked for specific directions to the place, the last landmark on the journey was “take a left at the decorative manure spreader”. Now you’ve got my attention. Decorative manure spreader? I’ve spent a fair portion of my life around manure spreaders but I would never call any of them “decorative”. You can get lots of different mental pictures at the mere mention of a decorative manure spreader. Does it have little bells on it? Has someone planted petunias in it? Is it functional? What kind of image