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My Halloween Story

Halloween had never been a big deal to me until I became a mother.   Then it took on a whole new meaning.   My child’s costume had to be perfect!   I spent hours and hours on it.   Every little detail was so important, because it had to be the most “spectacular” costume ever created.   One year in particular stands out in my memory.   My sister and I always took our children out together trick or treating so we decided to have one of them dressed as a devil and the other as an angel that year.   I purchased the pattern for the devil outfit, and got busy sewing it.   When it was finished, it was cute but it needed something to make it “spectacular”.   I decided I would put a wire in the tail so it would curl up instead of just drag on the ground. Trick or treat night came and I dressed my little darling in his devil outfit.   I was so proud.   He and his cousin looked so cute!   My sister and I couldn’t wait to take them to all the relatives and show them off.   We hopped in t


When the bank was talking about adding new compliance software, I was ecstatic.   That is, until I found out that I had to fly to Birmingham , Alabama for training on the software.   I love to travel, don’t get me wrong.   Flying just isn’t my thing!!!   I have flown in the past, but in the past year and a half, I have flown twice for work.   The time before that was my honeymoon 23 years ago.   Unfortunately, turbulence and being sick made my honeymoon trip home a bad experience, one that I still carry with me.     My nervousness began the minute we hung up the phone with the software representative 9 months before the trip was to happen.   As training time grew nearer, my nerves started working overtime.   I wasn’t sleeping.   I was eating like I was pregnant again.   I was breaking out like a teenager.   I was a grumpy mess that wasn’t able to focus on anything, but my flight.   My friends tried to console me, but I still couldn’t shake the anxiety.   Our flight left St. Louis

Pekin Alternative School

I went to visit the Pekin Alternative School kids earlier this month.   When I called to make the appointment, my old friend of 30 years and the teacher, Lori, asked me if I had concerns about it.   That, I found very interesting, but I suppose some would have inhibitions.   I was totally looking forward to it; the chance to influence a youngster whom had already been positioned against the odds.   Awesome!   Lori indicated that her class didn’t necessary follow the rigid schedule of the “standard” high school, but I was sure to get there before our agreed upon time.   I went into the main office, where a very friendly young woman explained, “Oh, Mrs. Eads teaches the alternative kids (as if maybe I didn’t know that).   Do you know where they are?”   Of course I had no idea, but she continued to direct me back to my car, to the other end of the property to a mobile home tucked in behind some other Morton-type buildings.   I pulled my car around back and the P.E. students stared q