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“If we don’t change we won’t grow, if we don’t grow we are not really living”. Gail Sheehy I never thought I was adverse to change until the software upgrade that our bank just went through. Maybe it is true the older you get the worse change effects you.     I actually am embarrassed at how I responded to the stress of this change, handling it poorly to say the very least.   Our   boss wrote a blog about watching how   all the employees handled this change, some still came to work with great attitudes others not so much. So according to the quote above we should have made a lot of growth and lived life to it’s fullest these past few months.    If you would have asked us that first month, we would have still been shaking our heads “this is really   making us more efficient?"   I asked some banker friends that had been through a new upgrade how long it took to feel comfortable with the new system, they said give it 6 months. Well I can say we are ahead of schedule in that reg