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Nothing Compares

I just love going to the Iowa State Fair.   Only for a few days….not for the entire Fair….that’s just not for me.   One day can work as a fix, but probably shouldn’t choose the first Saturday when it’s going to be 80 degrees and severe clear.    That’s what we did, headed up the first Saturday morning and found my sister-in-law’s camper at about noon.   Cindy’s husband is from Clearfield and the Clearfield Lions drive the new John Deere tractors that pull the shuttles back and forth from the campgrounds to the Fair.   Cindy stamps hands when you get off the shuttle or get on to ride back up.   She makes sure the strollers, scooters and wheelchairs get on safely and she makes every person feel special.   She’s gifted that way.    Anyway, they get to camp for free as consideration for their volunteerism.   All of their work is volunteered and the Clearfield Lions have been doing it for 50 years!   Pretty cool.   Cindy got to ride at the front of the parade on opening day.   She said it

Software Upgrade:

Life presents all of us with learning opportunities, sometimes when we least expect it. As a leader of an organization, I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and learn about human response. During the past 90 days I have seen the gamut on the human response to extreme stress and challenge. Now when I say extreme – I am not talking about a marine being sent into battle, but individuals being sent into a new world of software with limited training. So while it seemed very stressful and challenging at the time – we are not talking life or death decisions. I can tell you I am amazed at what I learned. My own experience was one which my body physically responded to the hours I spent tolling over my computer.   My arm got to the point I could barely stand to move my mouse. I tried the chiropractor, moving my computer and a different chair. Finally after multiple weeks, I decided to just relax, and it got better.   I can honestly say I can never remember having a physica