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Talented and Gifted??

2013 marks the start of my 20 th year at LSB.   During those 20 years, I have become notorious for entertaining my fellow employees.   Am I a great joke teller?   I wouldn’t say so.   Can I impersonate famous people? Hardly……. my great talent is that I am clumsy. I have a great knack for tripping myself as I am walking across the lobby. Once I even ran into a closed door at a high rate of speed (that one left a goose egg on my forehead for a week).   Actually saying I am clumsy is probably an understatement. As if being clumsy isn’t enough of a curse, I have also tried my hand at acting during my LSB career.   I was Michael Jackson once (I even had the sparkly glove) at one of our annual meetings.   And in case you’re wondering………yes, I can do the moon walk!!   My most famous acting moment came during an employee meeting where I was going to sumo wrestle our CEO, Jill Burnett.   Jill and I were acting out a skit when all of a sudden I took a pretty good belly blow from Jill.   I