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So you think you want to build a house??? And other crazy ideas you might have…..

Step 1: Buy the ground Step 2: Sell your house in town before you even break ground Step 3: Buy a camper to live in onsite while the house is being built Step 4: Live in your “good friends” basement once too cold for campers Step 5: Move into your unfinished basement for 5 months Step 6: Host your son’s graduation party prior to counter tops and furniture Step 7: Avoid divorce court, move in and enjoy! It all began back in September 2010.  I was driving around in the country with my dogs in the back of the truck as I often did.  I noticed a sign advertising an upcoming auction so I turned in the driveway and proceeded down the lane.  As soon as I got back there a feeling came over me which I can’t explain, other than it just felt right.  There was an older ranch home, garage and some out buildings.  In addition, the person in charge of the upcoming auction was there.  As it turned out, I knew the gentleman and told him I had not heard about the auction, but the prope