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“Why do you come to work?”

I attended a meeting recently with a group of coworkers. At one point, the meeting moderator posed this question to the group; “Why do you come to work?” I thought the answer would be easy. I’ve been going to work every day for almost 30 years, right? Of course I know why I do it. But I’ll tell ya what, the more I thought about it, the harder it became to put into words. The rest of my colleagues seemed to know what made them get up in the morning, why couldn’t I come up with anything? I started to panic. You know, the whole sweaty palm, increased heart rate thing. I still couldn’t get it into words.   I’d hit on all of the usual reasons. I do it to help people, I do it to help the community, I do it to provide a living for myself and my family. All great reasons to come to work but none of those really seemed to sum it up for me. The question continued to haunt me until the next evening. I was driving home and it finally hit me. I do it for me. Pretty selfish I guess, but

The Big Adventure Report

The Big Adventure Report Well the summer of 2012 is over. Not only did the bank survive without me, I managed not to go stir crazy or drive my family over the deep end. First and foremost, my staff did a wonderful job while I was gone those four months. Not only did the time off give me a much needed break, it allowed them to grow as employees. They grabbed the wheel and ran with it and got so much accomplished. I am in awe! I also believe it was a great training run for succession planning. It allowed me to delegate down many duties and now upon my return, I will only be taking back those duties that I need to be involved with. In addition, I have a clear understanding of what my role is and how I plan to control my schedule. As I reflect back on the summer of 2012, I had a wonderful time. I traveled with my 14 year old son out west to Montana, spent time at the lake with my family, made almost all the softball and baseball games my kids were involved with, and spent t