Thursday, November 12, 2015


What is your biggest fear?  I have 2, snakes and speaking in front of large crowds.  My colleagues always say how great I am talking to customers but that is a little different than standing in front of a large group with all the focus on you.   A few weeks ago I was asked to talk in front of 300 students and staff members to present a product for the bank.  My initial thought was, ‘this is going to be great!’  Then the day before the event my mind starts to think what have you gotten yourself into, how are you going to do this, what if you lose control of 300 students, how are you going to bring them back?   The day of the event comes and I am trying not to even think about what is going to happen later, then the time comes.  I get to the school and I am a little nervous but doing ok, I have 2 other colleagues with me and they are reassuring me that I will be fine and that I can do this.  They were not offering to do it for me though. J  The principal makes the announcement to the whole school to make their way to the gym.  My palms start to sweat and I start to giggle because that is my nervous trait.  Soon all the students start piling into the gym and my heart just sinks, I think ‘oh my gosh’, I am going to faint!  The principal introduces me and hands it over to me and amazingly I just start talking and off I go.  I can feel the sweat of fear dripping down my back but I am doing it!  The kids are listening and engaging and I think I have this.  Then one little student raises her hand to ask me a question.  She has two French braids down her hair and I say, “Yes, the girl in the white shirt”.   She stands and says, “Well I am not a girl, but I do have a question.”  Ugh, I felt my whole face turn red and just wanted to run right then and there.  But, I stayed and long story short, I faced my fear on that day and made it through just fine.  Now snakes, on the other hand, I will never be able to face and never want to.  Yikes!

Friday, October 30, 2015


We rescued a dog from the Fairfield Vet Clinic in May of 2014.  We had lost our 13 year old blue heeler (that we got at 6 weeks old) at the end of 2013 and vowed never to get another dog (too painful to lose).  But while on a fishing trip in the Ozarks my friend Angela Bloomquist sent me a text message with an attached photograph of this blue heeler pup that had been picked up running with another dog out at MUM and turned in to the Vet Clinic.  Shockingly to me I was able to convince my husband to go “just look at her”.  He picked me up from work the next day and we drove the few blocks to the Vet Clinic in complete and utter silence.  When Dee introduced us to the dog, the pup walked up to Steve and immediately sat on her haunches.  There was no jumping, no barking, no hyperactivity.  She sat and looked up at him.  I couldn’t believe it.  Anyway, he agreed to take her home for one night as a “trial run”.  Now she lives in a heated and air conditioned garage with a doggie door out to a large fenced in pen and is allowed in the house on a regular basis.  She gets plenty of exercise and loved, loved, loved.    She even gets to come to work with me sometimes (if she’s had a bath)! 

A few weeks ago, I posted a photograph of her with my grandson on the bank’s Facebook page.  This wasn’t the first time she had been on our Facebook page, but this time the post got shared and a few days later a family from between Ottumwa and Bloomfield was asking how long we have had Claire.  After sharing photographs and dates back and forth it was determine that Claire (Maple) is the dog they lost.  We were very nervous.  What if they wanted her back?   We have already owned her for a longer period of time than her previous family, but the photographs of Claire with their little girl were heartbreaking.  How must that little girl have felt when her puppy up and disappeared?  I invited them to come see her, but they said that would be too hard.  They were so grateful that she found a good home and will consider it her “happily ever after”.  What wonderful people. J