Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Be Good

I am a believer that everything happens for a reason. I know people can’t think that way in the event of a tragic incident.  I recently heard a story from the Boston bombings where a man was severely burned that required months of surgery and rehabilitation.  During this time he developed a relationship with a nurse.  That man later said that he now understood why he was involved in that tragedy.  It was to meet his best friend and the love of his life.

Marilyn Monroe was quoted as saying, “I believe that everything happens for a reason – People change so that you can learn to let things go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one buy yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

For your enjoyment here is a clip from the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button about a series of intersecting lives and accidents ultimately out of anyone’s control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTDs0lvFuMc

It just makes you think about how your actions do to affect other people.  Good or bad.  Look at serendipity, an outcome of something you did, but not actually intending.  Penicillin could be considered serendipity.  Alexander Fleming’s intention was not to discover medication effective against bacteria.  He actually was investigating the properties a certain type of bacteria which are mostly harmless to humans.  This happy accident happened for a reason, right? 

I do believe mostly that if you do good things, good results will happen and if you do bad things, bad results will happen.  I am not saying that every bad thing that you do will end in punishment.  I am also here to say that every good thing that you do won’t always end positive.  Bad things can also happen even if your intentions are good.  What I am saying is that if you are doing the right thing, the majority of the time good things will follow.  So, with that said I try to live by doing the right thing, because it is the right thing to do.  The more I try to do the right thing, the better I feel.  I know that I cannot control others, so bad things might happen to me and I understand that.  However, the more good choices people make, ultimately should result in more good in the world.  Besides Santa is watching.  Be good for goodness sake.

You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.
- Gandhi (In other words, the wrong thing to do is nothing)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017



KnowBe4 Security Tips - WiFi? Why Not? VPN is your friend

Using free public WiFi at a coffee shop or airport hot spot is great for convenience, but bad for security.
Most free access points do not make use of encryption. This is done for convenience and ease of access. If every person had to ask the barista or gate attendant for the WiFi key, it would get unruly, and no actual work would get done.
Keep in mind that you are sharing those wireless airwaves with anyone that is within range of your wireless communications.
There is technology out there that allows you to view the wireless computer communications that are within range of your device.
To the bad guys, this technology lets them see what you are doing, the data you are passing to websites, and your usernames and passwords.


  • You are on websites with 'https' ... the little S is for secure. Its like speaking a language that only two people can understand (your computer, and the website).
  • You are using VPN software to encrypt all your wireless communications
  • You are using a wireless device from your cellular phone provider, 3G or 4G network access... This is not WiFi, and is not subject to WiFi Security Policies  
Using a VPN client to encrypt and route your wireless communications allows you to create a secure channel for your computer to communicate.
Even if you are accessing a website without HTTPS, your communication to that website is secured through your VPN connection. If there are any bad guys around you listening in on your wifi traffic, it will be safe.
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is good practice to use a VPN when in a public networking spot such as wifi hot spots. This will create a virtual tunnel for your computer to communicate securely through the public network.
Before traveling for work, consult with your IT department about their data security policies when on the road, how to setup your VPN connection (if your company has VPN access), or how to obtain a 3G/4G cellular network card.

Stop Look Think - Don't be fooled
The KnowBe4 Security Team

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Our Greatest Adventure

“There are moments which mark your life; moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts: BEFORE this and AFTER this.” – Fallen

Saturday, May 28th at 12:16PM my husband and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world. Everyone had told us how amazing that moment was going to be. Family and friends told us that you don’t know how much love your heart can hold until you are holding a brand new baby in your arms. They were spot on. The moment she was born and the months that have followed have proven that advice to be true.
Alexis Jade Deao was born 2 weeks early, but healthy as could be. After a couple days we got to take her home, and I’m not sure that I have ever been so excited or nervous for any other adventure. As we were leaving the hospital my husband and I kept looking at each other saying, “This is real. We are taking her home with us!” We felt as though we didn’t know nearly enough about how to care for this precious bundle!

As the days flew by we became more and more aware of just how blessed we were. The day she turned 1 month old I remember standing in the kitchen, probably washing bottles, when my husband came up and gave me a high five. He said “Well, she is a month old and I don’t think we’ve broke her yet!”
Our sweet little miss sleeps amazing and only gets really cranky when she’s hungry. Who can blame her for that though!? Her favorite tricks are blowing bubbles, babbling, and sitting up to play with toys. I'm sure she will be crawling all over before we know it!

When I came back to work I told everyone it was sure a good thing that I love my job and my co-workers.  Otherwise it would be nearly impossible to leave her smiling face in the mornings! Alexis will be 7 months old next week. She is growing entirely too fast & is always smiling. J

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

10 Years

WOW how time flies!! As of February 11th of this year I have been an employee of Libertyville Savings Bank for 10 years! I have loved working at LSB; I have made a lot of great friends and memories over the years.

I was 14 when I started working part time at LSB. I worked Saturdays and summers through out high school and college then started full time. Since I wasn’t old enough to drive when I started, my mom would drop me off at either Blain’s or Amber’s house in the mornings and I would ride with them. I started at the teller line and transitioned into several different rolls over the years. I opened new accounts, was Jennifer’s assistant, scanned a lot of files, and was a loan clerk. Now I am the bank’s investment Officer. It has been great to work in so many areas of the bank to gain a general understanding of what everyone does.

Things have changed a lot over the past 10 years. When I started LSB had three locations, Libertyville, Fairfield, and Eldon. We built the Keosauqua office the year after I started and purchased Keota office in 2014. We now have almost 50 full time employees, nearly doubling the amount of employees since 2006. It seems hard to believe now, but we only had one computer in the whole office that could access the internet!  We now can access our accounts on our smart phones! It’s unbelievable how much technology has advanced in banking over the past decade.

When I started at the bank it was just a part time job to me I had no intention of making it into my future career. I was set on going to school and becoming an engineer. Over time I grew to love working at the bank and decided that this is something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. I ended up going to the University of Iowa and majoring in Finance. I think part of what helped change my mind was the great group of people I work with here at the bank. I enjoy coming to work and spending time with great coworkers.

Let’s hope the next 10 years will be as exciting as the last 10 have been!

Barn Tour 2016

The Barn tour for 2016 is in the books and if you missed it I will try and give you a glimpse of what you missed.  The barn turned “100” so of course we had to have a party, balloons, cookies, beverages and cupcakes.  A friend of Tammy’s even brought presents for all of us, pillow cases made out of material with barns and barn quilts on them. We also gave out pins to anyone that wanted a memento of their visit.

     The barn was built in 1916 by my Great Grandfather Schyler Colfax Morris and has remained in the family since that time.  They raised Percheron horses and held horse sales at the barn as well. Mom has saved a brochure from a sale that was held in Oct. of 1924.  The barn has three levels; the main level housed a cream separator room, two granaries and a corn crib and space for loose hay. There was also a hay loft above this main level. The basement has 7 horse stalls and 8 stanchions for milking cows.   Unique feature in the horse stalls is the lazy susan type feed bin, it swivels out to fill from outside the stall and then swivels back in for the horse to eat.   We also have a milk can that has a brass name plate with the name S. C. Morris on it.

I enjoy taking visitors through the barn and listening to their memories of growing up on the farm and stories from their childhood.  Hopefully we will see you next year!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanks and Giving

As we begin this season of Thanks and Giving, it’s a perfect time to reflect on things in life we are thankful for.  As I started to write my thoughts to paper, it didn’t take long for my list to grow and here are a few (in no particular order):

My Health: Something we can easily take for granted and I’m grateful for each day I have it.

My Husband:  Simply put, my life is better because he is in it.

My Family:  My dad, siblings, nieces and nephews.  My mom, grandparents and other loved ones no longer with us. They all have helped shape me into the person I am today and bring joy to my life. 

My Home:  There is no place like home!  I’m grateful for the safety and comfort it provides and nothing beats a quiet evening at home.  It is where I get to put my passion for home improvement projects into action or perhaps more accurately stated, where I come up with the ideas and my husband makes them a reality.

Our Veterans, Active Military and Reserve:  I’m thankful for all they have given for our country and the freedoms we enjoy because of their bravery and sacrifices.  Thank you!

My Job:  I’m grateful to be an employee of LSB and for all the co-workers I work with – you are the best!

Living in Iowa:  Can’t imagine living anywhere else.  The people, the rural communities and the cities all coming together to make Iowa a special place to live.  Oh yes, I can’t leave out the change of seasons and getting to enjoy the beauty each bring.  Yes, even Winter! 

Farmers:  At this time of harvest, I’m thankful to and for our farmers.  As Paul Harvey said best in his 1978 “So God Made a Farmer” speech:  “It had to be somebody who’d plow deep and straight and not cut corners, somebody to seed and weed, feed and breed, rake and disc, plow and plant, tie the fleece and strain the milk. Somebody who’d bale a family together with the soft, strong bonds of sharing…So God Made a Farmer”.

Simple and Silly Things Like:  Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and pumpkin bars (a staple in my diet this time of year). 

Fun: I’m thankful for all the fun things I get to do – summer weekends at the lake, group snowmobile trips to WY and CO where we take in all the breathtaking views the mountains offer, vacationing with family and time spent with friends just talking and laughing. When life gets serious, remember to take time to have some fun!

Miracles:  Our family has loved ones with us because miracles do happen!  For that and many other reasons I’m grateful to God and thankful beyond words. 

And my list could go on.

As you spend time with family over the holiday, take a moment to reflect on and share the things you are thankful for – big or small.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours~